mercredi 25 décembre 2019

Privileged minorities

I feel somewhat offended by the fact that one kind of minorities receives enormous attention and many privileges. I mean the sexual minorities. As e,g, transsexuals. People who don't believe that there are other genders besides men and women sometimes must apologize for their views. Those who believe in "binarism" must feel they are heretics, their convictions are a kind of heresy. Belief in what the Bible says: "Male and female created he them" has become a heresy. But there is something more important than this new non-binar orthodoxy. This is the fact that there are more stigmatized minorities than transsexuals or other sex-minorities. There are more colour-blind people than gays or transsexuals, and little is done for them. There are many jobs they cannot have, there are many graphics, maps and signs impossible or difficult for them to understand. Often it' difficult to understand, if the phone battery is fully loaded or not. I am one of those colour-blind people, for me orange or red and green are most often the same colour. I have written a memo to the European Parliament, got an answer in general terms, but so far the situation has not changed. There is no colour-blind liberation movement, no colour-blind pride parades. But I don't feel I need them. We can manage, we can live well with our impairment. I have second thoughts about the modern American-style agressive activism. But there are people who really are  deeply unhappy, discriminated and ostracized. I mean people with incontinence. Men and women who have to wear nappies for many years, even their whole life. In some countries these nappies are quite expensive and a person who needs them has to pay about a quarter of his/her pension for them. I know one such person very well. And it's largely because of her, I don't like all the noise about sexual minorities. Actually, they are a privileged minority among many minorities we don't notice, don't mention and most often don't help.

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