samedi 2 août 2014

Separatists condemning separatists

Estonian politicians and press are now very much engaged in the psychological war against Russia and especially against Putin. What reminds me of the warning by Henry Kissinger against demonisation of Putin. But in war, nearly everything goes, be it truth, half-truth or even lies. And, of course - labeling your adversary with signs like "dictator", "madman", "terrorist", "separatist". But we Estonians should be more careful in condemning "separatists". Our republic was born as a separatist project in 1918, advanced by a group of activists and supported by a part of local people, first of all ethnic Estonians. We should understand that according to the Western view of things our people were Russians, citizens of Russia. The western understanding of nationality differs from our understanding, it's based on citizenship, not ethnicity as our understanding of it that is more or less similar to the Russian one. For Russians, Russian-speakers in Eastern Ukraine are Russians, and as such should have right to self-determination. As Estonians in 1918. For the West, these people are Ukrainians, separatist rebels supported by a foreign country. Here, we Estonians tend to forget our own history, our understanding of nationality and accept the western one. According to the western view, the Republic of Estonia was created by separatist Russians who were supported by some western powers in their interest. Now too, our independence is supported by the West, i.e. the United States. As far and as long as it is in their interest. Not more and not much longer. Our servility, our eagerness to fight American wars, including psychological wars is not a guarantee of their continuing support. We should at least see clearly what is the role assigned to us in the present geopolitical confrontation between "West" and "East". Perhaps it's still possible to change our behaviour, at least preserve some dignity and not rush to serve our masters without second thoughts.