mercredi 13 mars 2013

Men as Pets

One of the main problems with feminists is that they take men too seriously, expect them to behave as grown-up persons. Unfortunately, men are mostly not grown-up, responsible people, men are children, adolescents. And, as adolescents, teenagers, mostly hypersexual. Sexual fantasies and games are their main interests. Football, golf, war games, policy games, police games, spy games, business games... To understand men one should study the game theory. And instead of trying to educate or re-educate men to become grown-ups, it would probably be better to take them as they are, eternal adolescents, children and to treat them as children. Or as pets. And pehaps women would do better not imitating men and playing their childish games. I think women should without much fuss begin taking power into their hands, letting men to remain absorbed in their games, in entertainment, not noticing this takeover of power by women until it's too late to stop this transfer. But hopefully not too late to remodel our politics and our economy to save the world from the disaster men have been busy in preparing for us all.

In fact, men are able, and most often willing to be good guys, but they can easily be spoilt, either by neglect, too much care or rejection. Then they turn into bad guys, and can do a lot of harm. The problem with men is that they cannot be taken seriously, but they themselves often take themselves terribly seriously. As most children and teenagers. Conscious of being a man, I try to not take terribly seriously what I write here.

In the past, women did not have right to vote. I think it would be worth considering to deny this right to men, at least to men younger than forty. If I remember correctly, it's the age Jewish men are considered mature enough to begin to study the Kabbalah.

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