mercredi 27 avril 2011

The environment we need?

I feel I am a somewhat archaic human being: I really feel a forest, a beach, the cloudy or starry sky are more interesting than any man-made environment. It fits well into the theory: we humans are foraging animals who had to be keen observers, the complex natural environment of savannah and seaside shaped us, made us what we are. And most probably this is the environment we still need, where we feel well. The rush to beaches, to seaside resorts seems to prove this. But why then there are many people satisfied with urban environment that is necessarily (Shannon's theorem for example is a proof of it) poorer than forest or seaside? Why are so many of us alienated from forest, from nature? Are the urbanites and modern farmers whose environment consists of buildings, monocultures and TV, somewhat their own pets, domesticated animals who are accustomed to live in their cages and don't feel well in more complex environments, are afraid of forest, of night, of mosquitoes, bees, mice and frogs? Why do we accept destruction of natural forests, replacing them with tree plantations? I feel so well in my own forest where every tree has a character of its own, where there are so many other plants in addition to trees, so much buglife and birdlife. And it's hard for me to understand how many other people don't feel like that and are not interested in preserving the nature in its real complexity, in fighting against excessive humanization, simplification of our environment. Do I belong to a small and powerless minority with my desperate need of Nature?

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