samedi 27 juin 2009

Universe without a Devil

Have I discovered something? Had a really important idea? I think there is at least one: I found that belief in Devil leads to a logical impasse, it is similar to the existence of a contradiction in a logical system. If S is P, and S is non-P, then everything is possible, we have a system where no assertion is false.

The Devil is necessarily very smart, much smarter than we human beings. How then could we compete with him, discover his schemes, recognize him under every possible camouflage and mask? How can we be sure that he doesn't play the role of an angel, an evangelist, the Pope? How can be sure that what we consider to be divine is not diabolical, that the Bible is not written by the Devil? There is no reason that the world, the universe must be logical, non-contradictory, but we are incapable of living in, making sense of an illogical, contradictory universe. Clearly, not everything is possible in this universe, this means that most probably it is to a large extent logical, non-contradictory. And most probably there is no Devil in this universe, disguised or not. Things are more or less what they are, not opposites to themselves. Although they, as they change,
are always a little bit different from themselves. But this difference is not diabolical, a changing universe is not a degraded copy of the unchanging one as some Zoroastrians and Platonists seem to have believed.

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