samedi 4 octobre 2008

A Cold War Recollection

As a kid, I had not much to read, thus I read nearly everything I could get in my hands. Including a lot of Soviet propaganda literature, mostly published as belles-lettres. From one of them I still remember some verses:

Enne valimisi Truman andis sõna:
ainsat neegrit enam võlla ei või tuua.
Pärast valimisi lahti laskis mõna:
nüüd vaid paarikaupa tohib neegreid puua.

Before the elections Truman gave his word:
not a single negro can be brought to gallows.
After the elections he let loose a talk:
From now on you can hang negroes only in pairs.

The original Estonian is as clumsy as my English.

After all, the world has changed a lot. The book was published about 1950.

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