lundi 13 octobre 2008

El Emeth -- God of Truth

A small Torah commentary.

There are believers and non-believers, and for some religions, belief and non-belief are most essential things. For Lutherans, our salvation depends on our belief. It's different in Judaism. Here, we must keep in mind, that Truth can be more important than God. God is the God of Truth, and in such compound words the second word is the "lord", and the first word is the "servant". God is the God of Truth, not vice versa. Truth is truth independendly of God, but God is God because he is dependent of truth. As the angels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel and others are angels, messengers of God, carrying some of his attributes, e.g. Uriel is the angel of divine light, God himself is a god of truth, he carries the truth. And as it is written in Thillim -- Psaumes (XXXI, 7), the author gives his spirit into God's hand, into the hand of God of Truth.

As God is the God of Truth, our attitude to Truth is more important than our attitude to God. If we deny or don't accept the Truth as it is, if we try to hide it, to ideologise or theologise it, it is no more a truth, and it is idolatry, deviation from the truth. If our truth makes it impossible for us to believe in God, it is a lesser evil than to try to remodel the truth in such a way that there is a place for a God in it. The God of Truth can well be the God of an atheist, but not a God for somebody who is afraid to accept the Truth of his existence or non-existence.

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