lundi 13 octobre 2008

"Die Kindchengestalt" of Konrad Lorenz in Estonian Politics

Mart Laar is probably the best-known and appreciated Estonian politician in the conservative circles in the West. He may even be more popular abroad than at home. Why? I think that as he has not much concrete things to do in the West, he can there charm his colleagues with his childish look, his happy smile, the smile of a boy he suddenly is brought into limelight, applauded and praised for his good behaviour. As far as I can remember, Margaret Thatcher once told that Estonia was the best pupil in the post-Soviet school. Well, Laar is the model schoolboy in this school. And at least part of his popularity can be connected with his image that could well serve as an illustration of the famous idea of Konrad Lorenz: that we humans (and possibly other mammals too) are influenced, our caring instincts are roused by some features common to most little mammals -- human infants, kittens, lion cubs, bear cubs... I doubt whether a leader of a big country could profit from his/her Kindchengestalt, but for a leader of a tiny nation such features could be useful. As for his/her nation in some points of history. 

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