mercredi 30 octobre 2019

Stupid people

I cannot believe that the U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is a stupid man. But he is able to say very stupid things. E.g. he has said "Putin's days of tyranny are over". Of course, Putin is no tyrant, he is a tzar, and perhaps the best tzar Russia has ever had. But if Biden says such stupidities, he says it for the public, for his would-to-be electors. The conclusion is that he knows he has to talk to stupid people. And he knows that at least 50% of Americans are stupid, don't know much of the world they live in. And they live in a mythologized, Manichean world of eternal struggle between the Good and the Evil. And to imagine Russia as the impersonator of the Evil needs no big effort, many people are preconditioned to this stereotype. An old stereotype predating even the Cold War.

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