lundi 19 novembre 2018

Winners and Losers

Who were the winners in the First World War? Not the British, not the French, not the Germans... None of the nations participating in the butchery, fighting for what they believed were their national interests. The winners were forces waiting on the sidelines -- the Bolsheviks and, somewhat later -- the Nazis. And on of my biggest fears is that this situation will repeat itself mutatis mutandis after the looming Third World War, be it cold or hot. I am afraid of the powers now waiting on the sidelines -- the Islamic extremists. Whom the stupid Americans are wooing and bolstering. The situation is dangerous partly because in this way the smaller uncivilized states acquire too much power, are free to advance their own interests or what their princes and imams consider to be their interests. As the Saudis propagating their fanatical obscurantist version of Islam. The savage killing of Mr Khashoggi is perhaps a timely warning: now the world leaders can understand better what the Saudi regime really is. And perhaps some of them understand that it would be better to move toward of the reconciliation with Russia and China, toward unity of the civilized North menaced by some dark forces of the South. I borrow this idea from Anatol Lieven for whom I have great respect.

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