vendredi 9 novembre 2018

Some pessimistic thoughts

The biggest danger to the world, to us all, is the degradation of Nature, of our planet. This process is, unfortunately, enhanced by two factors – the stupidity of American politics and, partly assisted by it, Islamic extremism. Both of them, sometimes even coordinating their efforts, are fighting against their imaginary enemies, be it Iran, Russia, China in the name of true religion, democracy, freedom, etc. Resources that could help us to combat climate change, pollution, deforestation, desertification, extermination of wildlife, are spent on arms race. Instead of explaining to people the importance of change of lifestyle in the face of imminent danger, they are inundated with propagandistic, often mythologizing small talk with its stereotypes of the battle between the forces of Good and Evil, the latter often represented by Putin. What we would need is something that did Churchill in June 1941, after Hitler invaded the USSR, declaring his full support to Stalin. America, the West should forget about the differences between itself, Russia and China, and join its forces against the real evil – the looming environmental crisis. Unfortunately, America, exporting its ideology, its life style, its religion, is doing much to deepen it. It's hard, nearly impossible to see here any chance of a radical positive change that could save our planet and ourselves. In theory, the right way of action would be do declare a state of ecological emergency in all countries and to mobilize all resources to combat pollution, over-consumption, demographic explosion, climate change, etc. It would also mean some changes to our understanding of international law, human rights, need of economic growth, national sovereignty and some other of our cherished ideas. Such a development seems at present absolutely utopian  

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