dimanche 18 mars 2012

Iran & Israel

Sometimes strange things happen. Sometimes friends become fiends, sometimes vice versa. But often good or bad relations between nations have a long history that tends to repeat itself. Nowadays Iran is a self-declared enemy of Israel, and Israel, at least in rhetoric, considers attacking Iran to prevent it from becoming a nuclear power. But there are slight signals of a possible change here. The project of a collider to be built in Jordan and financed together by Israel, Jordan, Iran and Turkey. And some tiny changes in Iranian anti-Israeli rhetoric. As to the history, once upon a time the Jews got and expected to get help from the Parthians in their fight against the Romans. And the Shah had very close ties with Israel. An Iranian-Israeli axis could be possible as a counterweight to the Arabs and even to the Turks. And in the Talmud we can read that "Yochai said, If you see a Persian horse tethered (to a grave) in the land of Israel, look for the footsteps of Messiah..."

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