samedi 16 mars 2013

Some Racist Thoughts

In antique times, what is now known as Cabo São Vicente, the extreme southeastern point of mainland Europe, was thought to be the end of the world, farther from it there was only the great ocean where nobody had been and nobody had means nor courage to venture. I have visited this ancient end of the world, finis terrae twice, and after my last trip there I came back as a racist. Seeing all the rubbish people, I suppose they are mainly tourists from richer European countries, throw everywhere convinced me that me and my friends from the one and these happy polluters belong to different races. And there can be no or very little mutual understanding between them and us. I think our main differences are not genetic (I don't exclude this completeley), but memetic. As there are or were different human genetic races, now slowly mixing and amalgamating, there are different memetic races, and their number is probably increasing. My racism arises from the understanding of non-communicability between the polluters and non-polluters, and led me to an idea that we would need a kind of a neo-apartheid system, we would profit from not living in the same areas, sharing the same space. It would nice to assign the happy polluters, the tourists with their big cars and dogs, casks of beer, caravans and golf courses to some reservations or ghettoes. But I understand that people who have some understanding for nature, and have (consequently?) little understanding for these individuals of our own species, are very much a minority. And it's us who need reservations and ghettoes. We and some other animals, many of them in danger of extinction as the Iberian lynx or even Indian tiger... In the age of entertainment (including sports) and bestsellers replacing most of other culture we intellectuals should think of creating such reservations for ourselves, members of small tribes incapable of living the life designed for us by trendmakers. Perhaps we should begin by founding some kind of monasteries as intelligent people did in the darkest ages of European history. Our age seems to be very colourful, but it's only the surface. The coloured rubbish covers the surface and shadows everything that lies under it, turning everything there into deepening darkness.

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