jeudi 28 février 2013

Hunting the Vietnamese

A group of Vietnamese refugees crossed the Russian-Estonian border, and most, if not of them were caught by the police with the enthusiastic help of some local people, accompanied by enthusiastic rhetoric of our free press. What a luck! Illegals rounded up and taken into custody! I think we should be happy to have some Vietnamese here in Estonia, in Europe and America they have proved themselves to be hard working, and very capable to learn and to integrate. A strange contradiction in our behaviour and rhetoric: endless complaining about depopulation, and enthusiasm when some Asian people come to fill the gaps left by our low birth rate and massive emigration. And, of course, these
Vietnamese are human beings. Some journalist could have been interested in who they are and why they left their homeland. Perhaps they were escaping from Communist rule? As tens of thousands of Estonians in 1944. Maybe we should think of these parallels.

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