lundi 12 janvier 2009

Campaign against Israeli war or against the Jews?

Reading about the anti-semitic acts of terror and vandalism in Europe and America I wonder what do the perpetrators of these acts really want to achieve. Perhaps they don't think too much, just acting, motivated only by hatred. Hatred against the Jews, not just against Israel or Israeli military actions, its occupation of the West Bank or punitive expedition in Gaza. And I cannot but think that the anti-Israeli activists are sometimes simply stupid. If some islamic states or movements want to get rid of the state of Israel as a Jewish state, they shouldn't harass the Jews elsewhere. Quite the opposite: they should try to make it clear that they are not fighting against the Jews, but against Zionism, againsт migration of Jews into what is now Israel and what they call оccupied Palestine. The leaders of Iran shouldn't arm their proxies in Lebanon and Gaza, instead, they should use their money to pay a premium to every Jew who leaves Israel. The Gulf sheikhs who build hockey stadiums and superlux hotels could well pay every Jew willing to emigrate from Israel a decent sum of money enabling him/her to find a new home and begin a new life elsewhere. After all, it was the European anti-semitism that gave rise to Zionism and created the Eretz Israel. Then too, instead of keeping their Jews, giving them some incentives to stay where they lived, the Arab governments in fact banished them, force them to leave for Israel. And if the local Muslims and their non-Muslim henchmen turn to anti-semitism, it will motivate the European and American Jews to move there or support Israel. The Jews go to Israel because they feel safer there. If the opponents of Israel could convince them that they are even safer in Europe, there would be less Jews leaving Europe for Israel and less unconditional support for Israel among the aliyah Jews. So far the opponents of Israel have done just the opposite, making us to ask if they are sincere enough to tell the truth about their motives and if they are intelligent enough to understand what are their real interests and the ways of defending them. Their actions and their rhetoric are unbelievably counter-productive. Once, a Tunesian intellectual, a devote Muslim told me that if the leaders of the Arab states had been less idiots, there would now be peace in the Near East. He meant the time when the Jewish state was born and fought for its survival. I suspect that nowadays the leaders of the Arab states are more intelligent, but the islamist activists and the Arab street hasn't learnt anything. Or sometimes probably the activists are just exploiting the Palestine issue in their own interest. I am sure that even the fiercely anti-Israeli Iranian leaders don't really wish to abolish Israel, all these people would then have to invent another enemy, another Israel.

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